Ordering from any kind of supplier?

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The freedom to order from any type of supplier is not a matter of course for all employees. Many employees are limited in their freedom to make reservations at any restaurant or make purchases from a supplier of their choice. This has to do with prescribed rules and restrictions as formulated in the purchasing and payment policy. Do you want to know what it’s like to have the freedom to make reservations or purchases with any kind of supplier?

Ordering from any supplier?

One Invoice manages all your one-off suppliers with a high degree of transparency and allows employees to place an order with any type of supplier, without restrictions. One Invoice makes it possible to book any team activity, make a reservation at any restaurant, use any local supplier (green footprint) or book any hotel room. This provides freedom for employees and prevents unnecessary administrative actions for organisations. The need for the internal creation of a new supplier, making prepayments and obtaining hotel authorisations is solved in one go.


One Invoice’s approach results in a win-win situation for both the employee and the purchasing and accounts payable departments. By working with One Invoice you can work with any supplier, from large to small, both national and international. For the very best in supplier management.

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“Through One Invoice, we can work with any supplier we want.”


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