Order products from any supplier?

It's possible!

See how we do it

Less irritation, more job satisfaction

No restrictions on preferred suppliers or complicated payment processes. For large companies, lots of small orders from various suppliers are a thorn in the side of the purchasing and finance departments. A restriction on the use of new suppliers takes away all your freedom; are you no longer able to just book, order and arrange what your trade needs?

Shopping is more fun than ever

Ordering products, making bookings and organising them without the restriction of preferred suppliers makes life a lot easier.

Unlimited freedom of choice
Hooray! You can now book meetings, incentives, events and order every product and service imaginable without restrictions. Shopping has never been so much fun.
Arrange it yourself or let One Invoice do it for you
Know what you need? Arrange it yourself and One Invoice will take care of the payment. Or send us the link and we'll take care of the rest. Piece of cake... Do you need inspiration for a getaway, location, festival or hotel? At One Invoice, we're ready to support you with anything you need.
No hassle with payments
No worries about prepayments, urgent payments, authorisations or credit card payments. One Invoice pays a creditor after receipt of the PO within the set payment term, which minimises the delivery time. That makes your job a lot more enjoyable. Your company gets one clear invoice from us showing all expenditure and the correct PO numbers.

The purchaser's happy, Finance is happy, you're happy

“Through One Invoice, we can work with any supplier we want.”


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