Make a thousand-and-one different purchases, without the creation of new suppliers?

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Something to celebrate?

You order cake to celebrate a top deal, send sick colleagues a brightening bouquet, buy tickets online for a performance and send business relations who have a baby a festive birth box. By making so many different small (online) orders and purchases, you also have to deal with the processing of many different and one-time supplier invoices and their payments. Is there one partner that offers the solution for the creation and payments of all these different and one-off suppliers?

We take care of the payments

One Invoice is tail spend specialist in MICE & Travel, handles all one-time supplier invoices and takes over these time-consuming and costly payment processes from you. We provide (pre-)payments of supplier invoices, online and emergency payments, authorizations and credit card payments. One Invoice offers you freedom to order any product worldwide, without the restriction of a preferred suppliers list. This way you can easily continue to make all thousand and one (online) orders and purchases.

Taking care

One solution without hassle with receipts. One Invoice takes over online and credit card payments, to make sure you keep freedom of choice to order any MICE & Travel product anywhere in the world. Discuss the benefits of collaborating with One Invoice with the Purchasing Department. Win-win for you, for purchasing and financial administration.

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