A single purchase-to-pay partner for MICE & Travel?

It's possible!

See how we do it

MICE & Travel activities with a single partner

Imagine that you can purchase the products or services you desire from any kind of MICE & Travel supplier, anywhere in the world. And that you can place the purchase-to-pay process for all these MICE & Travel activities in the hands of a single partner.

Handling of the whole process

One Invoice makes the purchase-to-pay process a lot more convenient for you, and more efficient. By collaborating with One Invoice, you skip the entire internal process from the creation of a new creditor to payment. We make all MICE & Travel payments for you, anywhere in the world, regardless of the payment term. If you wish, we can support your colleagues in searching for and booking MICE & Travel activities, whenever needed.


You will receive a single summary invoice of all the one-off payments that One Invoice has made for you. So you can keep a grip on your purchase-to-pay process in MICE & Travel.

No worries.