Book business lunch or diner at any restaurant anywhere in the world?

It's possible!

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You have something to celebrate and have lunch with colleagues in a restaurant, you organize a business dinner in a star restaurant and for the annual executive dinner you reserve a hotspot location where there is plenty of space within the 1.5 metre guideline. A partner who supports you worldwide without the restriction of a preferred supplier list to book any restaurant or location? It’s possible!

Choose every restaurant without worries

One Invoice offers the solution. By taking over all one-time supplier invoices, you’ll retain unlimited freedom of choice to book any MICE & Travel activity anywhere in the world without the creation of new creditors. This allows you to continue to carry out your work efficiently and saves purchasing on labor and costs. One Invoice is tail spend specialist and takes care of (forward) payments of supplier invoices, on-line and emergency payments, authorizations and credit card payments without restrictions. Optimal freedom of choice in suppliers, so you can book any restaurant, location, transport, activity and product.

We take care of the payment

One solution, one partner. With One Invoice you no longer have to fiddle with receipts, no longer fund your online payments, you don’t have to apply for credit card payments internally and you have complete freedom to book any kind of MICE & Travel activity. Discuss the benefits of collaborating with One Invoice with the Purchasing Department. Win-win for you, for purchasing and financial administration. That’s the convenience of working with One Invoice.

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