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You work with a pool of freelancers, but sometimes you are short-staffed for the production of your quarterly meeting, the organisation of a trade fair or the implementation of a hybrid event. Then it’s nice to be able to hire external producers, event planners, traffic and crowd support, or a photographer or cameraman for the aftermovie. Is there one partner that offers freedom of choice, without the restriction of the preferred supplier list and without the embargo on the creation of new suppliers?

Work directly with any freelancer

One Invoice is the ultimate partner in MICE & Travel and makes it easy to work with freelancers. With a range of skilled (freelance) professionals in MICE & Travel, One Invoice offers you freedom of choice at all times without the purchasing department’s restriction on the creation of new suppliers. With the hiring of sound technicians, additional producers, a trade show coordinator, photographer, vlog trainer or keynote speaker, One Invoice supports you whenever you want, anywhere in the world.

We handle the payments

Do you want to pay suppliers in advance or do you get advance invoices from freelancers? One Invoice handles the financial processing of all one-off supplier invoices for you. In this way you can collaborate with any freelancer and any supplier in the world for all your MICE & Travel activities. You happy, freelancer happy and the financial administration happy.

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