A perfect one-stop shop?

It's possible!

See how we do it

How does it work?

At One Invoice, we do everything we can to make ordering a product as easy as possible.

With One Invoice, everything is done in no time at all.

One Invoice - hoe werkt het
You need something
You have to travel or you need a meeting room. It's your birthday and you need cake for the whole company. You want to do something special with customers, such as going to the World Cup or the theatre. There's something to celebrate so you're looking for an event venue. Or you just have a bill that needs to be paid quickly.

We'll take care of it.
One Invoice - hoe werkt het
Order the product
You've already ordered what you need, but would like the bill to be paid quickly.

If you already know what you need and where it can be ordered, you provide the link to the product.

If you don't know exactly what you need or where it can be ordered, explain to us what you're looking for and we'll look for you until we find it.
One Invoice - hoe werkt het
Check, check, double check
Look at your costs. Check your order, confirm and request the PO number.
One Invoice - hoe werkt het
We do the work for you
We take care of the payment and ensure that the ordering process is completed.
One Invoice - hoe werkt het
One clear overview
Your company will get one invoice from us with a clear overview of the services provided.

That's it. Nothing else to do.


Please contact us or introduce us to your purchasing and/or financial department.