Optimising tail spend without supplier limitation?

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Fewer costs

By optimising the purchasing department you reduce costs – which you can do in a variety of ways. The automation of incoming invoices, a structured payment policy, careful selection of suppliers, as well as keeping track of and reducing tail spend.

What is tail spend?

Tail spend receives limited attention in many organisations and usually falls outside the scope of the purchasing department, although this can greatly optimise purchasing. Tail spend consists of a large number of one-off transactions with different suppliers. For many organisations, these many transactions are difficult to control and are not part of the purchase of essential products or services for the organisation.

How can you reduce the tail spend?

One Invoice specialises in reducing the total tail spend in the areas of meetings, incentives, conferences, events and travel. One Invoice ensures control over all suppliers, the administrative processing of creditors and the timely payment of invoices. This allows the one-off, and for many organisations often thousands, of transactions to be reduced to just a few and creates more transparency in respect of the tail spend. This approach results in the optimisation of purchasing by reducing costs, simplifying the purchasing process for employees and simplifying control for all departments involved.

Tail spend problem solved.

One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend
One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend

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One Invoice saves not only a lot of money but also actions and transactions.

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