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New creditors

Your daily workload demands all your attention. Do you have to cope with the embargo on the creation of new creditors? Is the payment period 60 or 90 days, do you regularly have to deal with a prepayment, a credit card and online payment? Is there one professional partner for this entire process in P2P from MICE & Travel?

The tail spend department of your organisation

One Invoice is in fact the tail spend department of your organisation, but an external one. We take important and time-consuming steps within the financial process out of your hands: the unlimited creation, checks and payments concerning one-off creditors and the (pre)payment of invoices. You will receive one clear invoice showing the expenses of all those small, often one-off creditors.


Look at One Invoice as a handy tool for perfectly managing and optimising your financial administration in the area of tail spend. There are fewer transactions, you create (renewed) value and your colleagues remain energetic thanks to a reduced workload. By using our service, the burden on the financial processing of tail spend is reduced in one fell swoop. That’s the convenience of One Invoice.

Tail spend problem solved.

One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend
One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend

Calculate your savings

One Invoice saves not only a lot of money but also actions and transactions.

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the savings calculator provides an example calculation.

That makes a difference.

“One Invoice has enabled us to eliminate our entire tail spend all at once.”

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