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One Invoice supports you on demand in finding MICE & Travel activities, making bookings, organizing company events, hiring furniture, booking hotel and restaurant, incentives, taking over supplier payments and much more. You can purchase these services from us on a ten-minute basis.

Really convenient

Of course you can save money with One Invoice, but above all we offer a lot of user convenience.

Without worries

Your saving

Are all these advantages not enough and do you want to save considerably on internal costs? By working together with One Invoice you prevent the creation of new creditors and keep the payment of one-off supplier invoices out of your financial administration. We are the ideal partner in the optimization of tail spend in MICE & Travel.

Transparent cost structure

At One Invoice we do everything we can to optimise our process, so that we can keep our prices competitive. Within our process it is possible to determine what you do or what we do for you. This gives you control over the costs. At One Invoice you pay a low basic amount and clear costs per action, so very transparent.

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“Having professional on-call support for our team outings is really great.”


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