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One partner

As a buyer you have to deal with tail spend on a daily basis. Checking and purchasing tail spend requires a great deal of effort from the purchasing and financial administration departments. This often results in unnecessarily long journeys and extra work pressure. Outsourcing tail spend management is the ideal way for many organisations to get a grip on this. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to work with one partner to process all the tail spend in M.I.C.E & Travel?

Outsource the tail spend?

One Invoice offers the solution by taking over the administrative and financial handling of the tail spend. For over 25 years, One Invoice has also been a specialist in organising activities such as management meetings, webinars, departmental outings, activation projects, car rentals, hostess service and much more. By working together with One Invoice, you get insight into and control over the purchase-to-pay process of the tail spend. The accounts payable department no longer has to create new accounts payable, and employees are free to book any type of activity with different (local) suppliers.

One partner to handle it all

By opting for the One Invoice approach, you have one partner who handles all aspects of the tail spend. The financial and administrative processing of what often turn out to be one-off suppliers has never been so simple for the user. That’s purchase management for tail spend by a specialist.

Tail spend problem solved.

One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend
One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend

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One Invoice saves not only a lot of money but also actions and transactions.

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“One Invoice has enabled us to eliminate our entire tail spend all at once.”

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