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The accounts payable department is responsible for preparing, processing and recording incoming invoices. The accounts payable department also handles the payments to be made to suppliers. Is there a specialist in the optimisation of accounts payable which reduces the tail spend in MICE & Travel?

Outsource the tail spend?

Preparing, processing, recording and paying incoming invoices remains labour-intensive work for the accounts payable department. The burden on the accounts payable department is mainly caused by one-off transactions at various local (green footprint) and small suppliers. Operations can include the advance payments of bills, online payments for the purchase of materials, hotel bookings and the like. One Invoice helps businesses by taking the invoice flow of one-off transactions with local and small suppliers out of their hands.

Less pressure on accounts payable

One Invoice is the solution when it comes to one-off transactions with different suppliers. That’s when One Invoice’s services come into their own. One Invoice supports the accounts payable department of (large) companies in the area of meetings, incentives, conferences, events and trips. One Invoice ensures control of the supplier, the creation of the creditor, the processing and the timely payment of incoming invoices. In this way, the one-off, and for many organisations often thousands, of transactions can be reduced to just a few and creates more transparency in respect of the tail spend. As a result, the pressure on accounts payable decreases significantly.

Tail spend problem solved.

One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend
One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend

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One Invoice saves not only a lot of money but also actions and transactions.

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