Infinitely many small orders without a long list of new creditors?

It's possible!

See how we do it
From 1000 small creditors to 1?

It's possible!

See how we do it
Order products from any supplier?

It's possible!

See how we do it

One invoice for all small creditors

A solution that makes everyone happy

For large companies, lots of small orders from various suppliers are a thorn in the side of the purchasing and finance departments. Handling many different creditors is costly and time consuming. Working with preferred suppliers or placing restrictions on choosing suppliers seems an obvious solution, but takes away your colleagues’ freedom to order.

How about a solution that saves time and money in the invoicing process?

What solution can One Invoice offer you?


Lots of one-off orders resulting in a proliferation of new suppliers?


A large tail spend that is difficult to control and unnecessarily expensive?


Your freedom to order products is restricted by the rules set by the purchasing and administration departments?

Shopping is more fun than ever

Ordering products, making bookings and organising them without the restriction of choosing suppliers makes life a lot easier.


You order products and services from any supplier you like

We take care of the payment and fast handling

Your company receives one clear invoice with all the orders on it

Well managed