From 1000 small creditors to 1?

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One invoice - één factuur voor alle kleine crediteuren

No new one-off creditors

One Invoice takes over important and time-consuming steps within the financial process: setting up a new creditor, entering all the different invoice formats, checking costs against the PO number and making quick payment so that the delivery process can be started immediately.

One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend
One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend One Invoice minimaliseert de tail spend

Less hassle, more efficiency

No more endless phone calls from creditors wanting their money and only ever one type of invoice format via One Invoice.

No new one-off creditors
After ordering, One Invoice takes over a number of important but time-consuming steps within the finance process: Setting up a new creditor. Communicating with the supplier. Checking costs relating to the PO number and fast payment so that the product can be delivered immediately.
Minimising transactions
No worries about prepayments, online payments, urgent payments or credit card payments to a large number of creditors. One Invoice pays a creditor within 14 days and, if necessary, immediately.
Reducing costs
A large tail spend results in a wide variety of creditors, invoices and transactions. This results in high costs. One Invoice solves this by doing all this for you, significantly reducing costs and labour in the process. You get one clear invoice from us showing the expenditure for several small creditors.

Tail spend problem solved.

Calculate your savings

One Invoice saves not only a lot of money but also actions and transactions.

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That makes a difference.

“Online prepayments, credit card payments and hotel authorisations are arranged quickly and easily for us.”

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